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The Sacred Song

The Sacred Song is a Witan Shrine  within the Correllian Nativist Tradition. This particular Shrine is dedicated to including and incorporating music and song into spirituality.

Witan Shrine Charter Sacred Song

On October 18, 13, Aquarius (2013), The Sacred Song Shrine received an elevation to Witan Shrine Status.



We received our Charter on June 17, 13 Aquarius (2013) in Durham Region, Ontario, Canada. Our inaugural rite was at the Durham Pagans Lughnasadh Óenach in Whitby, Ontario on July 28, 13 Aquarius (2013).

Correllian Nativist Tradition

The Correllian Tradition is a branch of  Traditional Witchcraft which has identified as Wiccan since the 1970s, in much the same way as the Dianic Tradition identifies as Wiccan. Originally a familial Tradition, Correllianism has been an open, public Tradition since 1979, expanding rapidly since the late ’90s. Correllian Wicca places a very strong emphasis on the philosophical and theological aspects of Wicca, and stresses  personal spiritual, magical, and psychic development. Correllian Wicca also places great importance on the idea of the Ancestors, meaning both the Ancestors of the Tradition as well as members’ physical and philosophical Ancestors.

Correllian Wicca celebrates the Wheel of the Year in the same manner as most  Wiccan Traditions, but in addition to this  also celebrates a twice-yearly rite of  purification and blessing called the ”Lustration” which is considered uniquely Correllian. The Lustrations began as private,  comparatively simple Ancestor-rituals practiced by the High-Correll family and the  Correll Mother Temple to honor and maintain their connection to the Ancestors and bring through Oracles from them, and evolved into an elaborate public ceremony as the Tradition expanded.

For more information please go to www.correllian.com