Ostara ~ 13 Aq.

Ostara 2014


Ostara was held at the home of our Shrine Keeper and led by Rev. John Ford of The Dawn Chariot Shrine.   After our ritual, Sowilo Daegian Inhired (Sun Dawn Inhired)  hosted a small húsel.

We asked the elements to return and welcomed the ancestors, Hero God and the Maiden Goddess.  We cut ties with all that blocked our highest good and received the seeds of blessings to manifest in our lives.

At the húsel, we toasted Eostre, our ancestors and those who made our lives better.  We then feasted, talked and laughed into the night. Thank you all for coming!

Sing Your Sacred Song!

Rev. Terrie ~ Shrine Keeper

Imbolc ~ 14 Aq.

Imbolc Altar 2014

Imbolc was held in a local store, Moonflower’s Magical Touch.

As we honored the mark of Midwinter, we sang our praises to the Goddess Brighid and made offerings to her Holy Well.Brighid's Girdle

We danced through Her Girdle and asked for Her Blessings. As as the bells rung and our voices lifted in song, we feasted into the night!

Sing Your Sacred Song!

Rev. Terrie ~ Shrine Keeper

Yule ~ 13 Aq.


Yule was held twice! Once in our Shrine Keeper’s home and another in a local store, Moonflower’s Magical Touch.

As we honored the Sun God’s journey through the year and witnessed His passing as the last light faded, we braved the darkness. Through this difficult times, we stood together. Though His light was not with us at that time, we remembered.

To be remembered, is to truly live forever. Yes, we all die like the Sun God. And like Him we are reborn!

As we hailed the return of the sun, we lit all the candles in His honor – for that bright spark lives in us all.  Hail the Return of the Sun!

Witan Shrine Elevation ~ The Canadian Correllian Court

The Sacred Song Witan Shrine

On October 18, 13, Aquarius (2013), The Sacred Song Shrine received an elevation to Witan Shrine Status. We were thrilled beyond belief!

Witan Shrine Charter Sacred Song


The Canadian Correllian Court


The Sacred Song Shrine now has a Canadian Outreach arm called Canadian Correllian Court. Created by Rev. John Ford, this court will create a strong Canadian presence and is dedicated to advancement of the Correllian tradition in Canada. This Court will achieve this goal by establishing strong relationships between Canadian members of the Tradition and members at large.


Second Harvest / Mabon ~13 Aq.

We celebrated the Second Harvest in cozy style!

Altar Mabon

In addition to our altar, we had a special treat!


At the “center” of the labyrinth, we had a “meditation station” to focus on our goals.

Meditation Station

All in all it was a lovely ritual!

Walking the Labyrinth

We raised energy, honour Deity, The Ancestors and the Spirits and our own Higher Selves.

Sing Your Sacred Song!

Rev. Terrie ~ Shrine Keeper

Durham Pagan Pride Day ~13 Aq.

We were happy to join other Durham Pagans as we celebrated our 10th Pagan Pride day!

We had a small table for information and spoke to many about the Correllian Nativist Tradition.


At the end of the day, our Shrine Keeper, led the main ritual. 

We raised energy, honour Deity, The Ancestors and the Spirits and our own Higher Selves.

Sing Your Sacred Song!

Rev. Terrie ~ Shrine Keepe

Lughnasadh ~ Durham Pagans Oenach ~ 13 Aq.

Altar ~ Lughnasadh


What a great day! Our thanks to all who came to celebrate with us! With 18 in attendance, we raised lots of energy, sang our joy to the Divine and cheered on the Champions! Below is picture of our altar and the charm empowered in ritual. Our thanks to the Dancing Lights Grove, ADF and Lothlorien Canada for joining with us to honour Deity and celebrate with community!

We sang to cast the circle and call in the elements and the Divine. We blessed and sanctified our Shrine. We told the tale of Jenny Wren and asked Lugh to help us hone our skills. We shared from the loving cup and offered the first fruits to the Deity, the Ancestors and Spirits.  We closed the circle with a song and love from all the attendants. We can’t wait to do it again!

We humbly thank, Jenn F., Rod M., Franceen B., Rebecca W., Lothorien Canada and Dancing Lights Grove, ADF for the lovely gifts for our Shrine!

Sing Your Sacred Song!

Rev. Terrie ~ Shrine Keeper


Welcome to The Sacred Song Shrine

The Sacred Song Formal Shrine,Correllian based, is dedicated to including and incorporating music and song into spirituality. The shrine will facilitate a study group, work with others established groups and hold open Sabbat rituals for its community, Durham Pagans. With the support of The Temple of the Dancers of Shakti, our long term goals include becoming a full Correllian Temple.